Cellulose Insulation


Millik Insulating Co. exclusively uses Regal Professional 50 Cellulose Insulation on all our jobs.  There is a Lifetime Warranty available for this product!
Why Cellulose Insulation? 
Cellulose insulation provides both quality and comfort by filling voids and forming a tight seal around wiring, plumbing, & framing.
Fire Resistence
Cellulose meets or exceeds flame resistance specifications set by all federal, state, and local building authorities.  Cellulose is the only wood based building material that is treated for fire retardancy.  If a fire occurs, the dense structure of cellulose & its fire retadants slows the spread of fire through the structure by blocking flames and hot gases while restricting the availability of oxygen in insulated walls and ceilings.  Cellulose in the wall cavity provides an increase in the fire resistant performance from 22% to 55%.
Sound Proofing
Cellulose insulation professionally installed into the interior walls of your home or office can help to create a quieter & more relaxing atmosphere.  Cellulose provides a higher sound transmission classicification (STC) than fiberglass while increasing the benefits of having fire-retardant wall cavities.
Enviromentally Friendly
Cellulose insulation is one of the safest materials used in home construction today.  Over 80% of cellulose insulation is made of recycled wood fiber obtained primarily from newsprint.  Using Cellulose insulation is both a cost effective way of saving money on heating and cooling costs while at the same time reducing waste to landfills.